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Experience Freedom from Depression


The Reality of Depression

Depression goes beyond a feeling. It’s a reality that affects many areas of your life and is very difficult to navigate on your own. 

Looking through the examples below, see if there are some that stand out more than others.

  • Have you lost joy in things you used to take pleasure in? 
  • Is it difficult to accomplish simple tasks that should be easy? 
  • Do simple tasks take up a lot of your energy? 
  • Are you sleeping poorly, but also struggling with the motivation to get out of bed? 
  • Are feelings of guilt often around? 
  • Do you sometimes struggle with feeling worthless or even hate who you are? 
  • Do you often just want to return to eating, sleeping, and being alone? 
  • Do you find it difficult to be around others? 
  • Are there times when you can’t stop crying, so you isolate yourself from others? 
  • Do you feel a gut-wrenching pain that others don’t seem to understand? 
  • Do you hate where you’re at, but don’t know how to change?

If you have any variations of these kinds of experiences and don’t feel like your normal self, then chances are you may be suffering from depression. The good news is that there is a way forward.

The Reality of Depression

Depression can make it seem like you are alone and there aren’t any ways forward, but it’s just not true. 

We’ve seen countless people who thought their depression was too big and too crippling to go away, but they have found freedom. Many clients find relief in realizing their struggle does not own them and there are many options for them to regain hope in their lives. 

At Living Well Therapy & Coaching, we know the social stigmas that come with the labels of depression. That’s why we use evidence-based therapy for depression that help sort out the environmental, biological, spiritual, and circumstantial factors that surround it. Our cognitive behavioral therapists get to know you and treat you like a person, not a diagnosis. 

The truth is that there is a way forward.

The Right Plan

This is our plan to help you overcome the past and get the tools you need for the future

1. Schedule a Consultation

You’ll get a clear understanding of what’s next for you and be matched with the right therapist for your specific needs.

2. Start to See Progress

As you and your therapist walk together, you’ll get a better understanding of how you can heal and start to see measurable improvements.

3. Get the Tools to Overcome.

Becoming the person you were meant to be is a lifelong journey and we help you get the tools you need to navigate that process in a healthy and fulfilling way.