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The Team

Krista Roehlig RMHCI, Living Well Therapy & Coaching Jacksonville Neptune Beach Florida Therapist

Krista White, LMHC

Hi, I’m Krista White. I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, but you might also call me an empathic listener and helper. I guide individuals and couples through the journey of healing and improving their overall well-being and functioning. I help those who are in need of healing in the aftermaths of grief & loss, trauma, and other stressful life events, but may feel uncertain about how to navigate their life after these painful experiences. Additionally, if you’re in a relationship yet still feeling alone or feeling frustrated with frequent conflict, I can assist you and your partner with improving your communication and increasing your connection. I will support you and guide you through these difficult times, so you can return to your normal functioning. I know it takes a lot of courage and resilience to tell your story, so I will provide you with a safe place to do so. My goal is to work with you to find practical solutions to help guide you through these difficult times and lead you towards a happier and healthier life. I hope to instill hope in your healing journey and motivate change within you.