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The 5 Reasons You Need an Executive Coach

Leaders in all organizations face hurdles. Executives in for and non-profit businesses often face barriers to upward mobility and managing dilemmas alike. An executive coach is someone with leadership skills who has no political interest and who only benefits from helping you to achieve your goals. Their confidentiality is key to enabling you to overcome your own self-limiting beliefs while you confront your work environment.

Leaders need executive coaches for many reasons, one of which is leadership development and skills needed from middle management all the way to the C-Suite! Executive coaches serve their clients as mentors, spirit animals, guides, and confidants. Many large organizations mandate these coaches to help grow their junior executive pool, but these coaches are also available, and indeed crucial, for a small business executive’s success as well. Consider these FIVE reasons why:

Reason #1: Clarity from an Unbiased Perspective

Leaders can become so familiar with how they do their jobs that they have no idea what the perspective of those around them may be. They may develop habits that are difficult for them to understand or thought processes that impede their growth. Understanding themselves and how they are truly impacting their environment is a starting point. 

Executive coaches facilitate feedback that eliminates limiting beliefs that stem from habits that are not congruent with the trajectory of the client’s goals. So many people go through life with blinders on. Consider an executive coach the positive influence on your life who can hold you accountable without consequence. The only movement therefore is up!

Reason #2: Advantage YOU!

When YOU have the executive coach in your life you hold the advantage. You become a team with your coach and therefore have the opportunity to develop more strengths than those around you. You may have the passion but not the proficiency needed to achieve your goals. An executive coach teams up with you to allow core competencies to be developed which lead to success. 

Your ability to navigate complex situations in the office, at home, or striking a delicate balance between the two is augmented with the assistance of a crucial team member: the executive coach who is on your side working on your plan forward.

Reason #3: Increase Confidence

The goal of an executive coach is to bring out the best in a leader. One important method employed by a coach is to identify your inherent strengths and weaknesses and map a plan for complete life control. When you gain control over your core competencies and your inner self, you gain confidence. The adage is that competence leads to confidence. As you begin to receive the validation a coach provides you gain the confidence you need to rise to your highest level as a leader. 

Confidence is a quality that is readily sensed by those around you. There is no such thing as “fake it ‘til you make it”. You cannot fake outstanding confidence when the pressure is on. Confidence comes from the inside out. Coaches know how to help you to bring forth the strongest version of yourself!

Reason #4: Support and Accountability = More Goal Achievement

What types of support do you need? Coaches provide emotional, strategic, mental skills, and goal-planning support that leaders need to achieve their loftiest goals. Support is important, and in the C-Suite it’s not offered! Your personal executive coach is support you can trust and rely upon. Moreover, a coach provides an important measure of accountability in your goal planning and achievement, career adjustments, encouragement, and sometimes a resounding “let’s go!” 

You may not always be feeling your best. You can count on your executive coach to provide you with insights and recommendations that keep you moving towards your goals even when you are facing great adversity.

Reason #5: Improving Your Teams and Relationships in the Office and at Home

For a leader, nothing is more important than their relationships. Many leaders are elevated into positions that require team building, program turnaround, and individual connections that can be challenging. Our coaches at Living Well have made a living building and growing strong executive teams and culture. Working with our coaches makes you a positive change maker.

As your relationships and obligations expand in the office, they need not compromise your family life and goals! Executive coaches from Living Well empower you to live your best life by connecting with those you love at home first. Your colleagues and family will notice the empowering shifts that allow you to balance priorities and lead a life of integrity in all ways. Nothing is more important than a leader’s integrity and consistency.

Executive coaching empowers you. Business and life can create challenges and obstacles that necessitate complex, dynamic, and positive changes. Executive coaches provide build-in support and accountability along with strategies for success that empower you to reach your goals!

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