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Helping You Get Access to Effective Christian Counseling

Evidence-based therapy grounded in faith.


The Secular Counseling World Can Be a Hostile Environment for Believers.

Our culture is often a hostile place for people of faith, and unfortunatley and the secular counseling world is often leading the charge.  

No one should have to choose between effective counseling and getting guidance from someone who shares your faith. Our compassionate counselors work to create a safe harbor where Christians can experience God and get access to effective, evidence-based therapy. 

Everyone should have the tools and skills they need to heal from the past and prepare for the future. 

Experience Evidence-Based Therapy
Grounded in the Truth of Scripture.

Victorious Christian Living

You may be looking for a therapist who can help with any wide-range of issues covered in our individual, teens, couples, or family counseling services, but want to approach it through the lens of your faith.

Or maybe you are struggling with a uniquely Christian struggle, like being able to effectively hear God’s voice, working through forgiveness, or healing from spiritual abuse. 

Either way, our counselors don’t just walk alongside you – we help you see the path forward so you can live the life God means for you to live. 

The Wrong Plan Can Be Costly.

Without realizing it, many people follow the wrong plan to getting help, which puts strain on their relationships and individual health. This is what the wrong plan often looks like:

1. Pretend There Isn't a Problem

It can feel uncomfortable to admit there is a problem that needs to be addressed, but it’s always the first step in healing and overcoming.

2. Try to Cope On Your Own

It’s natural to want to try to solve issues by yourself, but in many cases, it’s just not practical. Others have been where you are now and know how to help.

3. Wait Too Long to Ask for Help.

Too often, it is years after the problem starts when someone finally gets the help they need. Help yourself and those around you by getting help earlier before the problem grows.

The Right Plan

This is our plan to help you overcome the past and get the tools you need for the future

1. Schedule a Consultation

You’ll get a clear understanding of what’s next for you and be matched with the right therapist for your specific needs.

2. Start to See Progress

As you and your therapist walk together, you’ll get a better understanding of how you can heal and start to see measurable improvements.

3. Get the Tools to Overcome.

Becoming the person you were meant to be is a lifelong journey and we help you get the tools you need to navigate that process in a healthy and fulfilling way.

We’re Here for You

While knowing that you are receiving Christian counseling is a great comfort, the journey of therapy can still be difficult. Sometimes you may have to face hard things.

At other times your therapist may challenge you. But you can rest in knowing that your therapist shares your beliefs and is committed to helping you find peace and joy by seeking God’s purpose for your life. We are ready to begin this journey with you today.


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Rates & Insurance

It’s important that you understand the process and payment details for your sessions. That’s why we’ve made our rates highly transparent and documented. View them here so when you reach out to us, you’ll have a clear idea of next steps.