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Judi Howard EMDR Therapist

Judi Howard EMDR Therapist

Judi Howard, LMHC is a master EMDR Therapist in Neptune Beach, FL serving Jacksonville and the surrounding Beaches.  She treats both adults and children with trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and behavior problems. Judi has attained the highest level of Certification for an EMDR Therapist with the prestigious EMDR International Association.  Her expertise in helping both children and adults with trauma is a rare combination.

Treatment of PTSD and trauma issues are Judi’s specialty. Her training includes the use of EMDR, to treat past and recent trauma, grief and anxiety. This includes traumatic memories of traffic accidents and/or invasive medical procedures in infants and children. Left untreated these experiences often result in fear and avoidance behaviors.

Judi practices an integrative approach to therapy, combining techniques and strategies designed to promote the positive outcomes and goals that clients seek. This includes teaching relaxation and stress reduction techniques that clients can use in their everyday life. Judi relies on her extensive training and experience along with client’s unique concerns to determine how best to approach their situation.

Her treatment approaches include EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution Focused, Narrative, and Expressive therapies to address client’s symptoms. Child therapy might include art therapy and imaginative Play in addition to work with frustrated parents to recommend effective strategies to assist them in correcting their children’s undesirable and/or oppositional behaviors.